GLITTER 812A Battery Spot Welder Capacitor Energy Storage Pulse Welding Machine


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GLITTER 812A Energy Storage Pulse Spot Welder

Industrial grade durable
Automatic induction welding
High power welding & Soldering station 


With the widespread use of lithium batteries in production and life on a large scale,the welding equipment used in Maintenance, Teaching and Application Research Institute is also more demanding.This 812A welding machine with dual function of spot welding and comprehensive testing,improve the efficiency of lithium battery assembly and maintenance.


1. Compared to the traditional AC spot welding machine, the new-designed 801B capacitor energy-storage spot welder has no interfere to the electric circuit, no more tripping problems.
2. The new-designed capacitor energy storage welder uses the latest energy-gathered pulse technology, is has great welding power,the soldered dot is uniform and beautiful, no blackening.
3. The maximum output of the 812A welder is 15 kilowatts. It can be used for large batteries welding.
4. The new operation interface allows you to adjust the energy output according to an object's thickness.
5. The core components of the welder are two super capacitors with long working life and large capacity, the machine can be used for long time welding work.
6. Switch between ‘AT/MT’ two welding modes conveniently to meet specific needs.
7. Compatible with 7 series mobile welding pen.
8. With lithium battery spot welding and circuit board soldering integrated combination, which is very convenient for users.
9. The heat of electric soldering iron speed up rapidly. The temperature reach to 350℃ (662℉) only around 6-8 seconds. And it is in constant temperature.
10. It is used T12 series heating core and temperature sensor for controlling temperature fast and steady.
11. Temperature independent LED display.There is a protection of overheat for safety operation. And it also extends the using life.


1)NiMH, NiCd AAA, AA, C and D lithium-ion batteries or rechargeable battery packs.
2)Assemble or repair battery packs and portable sources.
3)Production of small battery packs for mobile electronic devices.
4)Welding of lithium polymer battery, cellphone battery, and protective circuit board.
5)Spot welding leaders to different metal projects, such as iron, stainless steel, brass, molybdenum and titanium.


Model: GLITTER 812A
Voltage Output :5.8V(DC)
Voltage Input: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
Peak Welding Energy :290J
Pulse Power :14.5KW
Trigger Mode: AT/MT
AT mode--automatic welding(no foot pedal control, suitable for welding
a large number of batteries for a long time).
MT mode--control with foot pedal(Convenient for parameter adjustment
and welding debugging to achieve the best spot welding effect).

Energy Grade: 0-99T
Welding Mode :Push down spot welding/Mobile pen spot welding
Pluse Time: 0~20mS
Preload Delay :200~500mS
Adapter Parameter: 15V2A~3A(Peak)
Charging Time: 20~30(min)

Welding Thickness:

73B Spot Welding Mobile Pen Thickness(Pure Nickel):0.05~0.3mm
73B Spot Welding Mobile Pen Thickness(Nickel-plated):0.05~0.4mm
73SA Downward Welding Head Thickness:≤0.3~0.4mm
Pulse power:14.5KW(Peak)
Welding energy:290J(Peak)
Welding voltage:5~6V

912 Soldering station parameters:

Temperature range:200~500℃
Heat-up time:6~8S reach to 350℃
Output power:50W
Output voltage:DC 20V(Max)
The heating element:Integrated T12-B2
Ground connection impedance of electric soldering tip:≤2Ω




Warranty Information

One Year Limited Warranty


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