GLITTER 801H Battery Spot Welder Capacitor Energy Storage Pulse Welding Machine


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Product Overview

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801H phosphate iron lithium power battery aluminum to nickel welding machine

Battery Pack Aluminum to Nickel Low-Cost Welding Solution
Special welding machine for iron-lithium power battery aluminum to nickel
Millisecond energy gathering technology

Features Overview:

1. The high-frequency inverter energy storage super capacitor discharge technology eliminates the interference to the AC power supply, no switch tripping situation.
2. The patented energy storage control and low-loss metal bus technology maximizes the burst energy output of pulses.
3. The energy-gathering pulse formation technology controlled by the microcomputer chip ensures the formation of reliable solder nuggets in milliseconds.
4. Automotive-grade large-capacity low-resistance super energy storage capacitors support the output of energy-gathering pulses up to 21Kw.
5. Intelligent program combined with multi-function parameter display screen, the management of welding is clear at a glance and handy.
6. The "aluminum→nickel" welding selection mode is specially used for the aluminum electrode transfer welding pure nickel sheet of the iron-lithium power battery.
7. The maximum pulse welding current can reach 3500A, which supports nickel→nickel 0.4mm welding and aluminum→nickel 0.2mm welding.
8. High-energy polymerization pulse welding realizes concentrated and thin solder joints, deep penetration of the molten pool, no blackening of the solder joints, no heating of the welded parts, and no damage to the welded battery.
9. Dual-mode spot welding trigger, realize precise, fast and efficient welding, which is convenient for welding different parts.
10. The dual welding tool mode is convenient for wide welding range of batteries and metal parts flexibly.
11. The built-in safe self-discharge device for transportation or long-term storage can release the energy of the storage capacitor to zero.
12. Unique real-time display of welding pulse current, which can monitor each welding current and avoid virtual welding of solder joints.
13. Excellent structure technology, combined with multi-functional welding tool combination, one machine can be used for multiple purposes, and meet the low-cost logistics expenditure.
14. Professional welding pens with different optional functions realize welding work from ultra-thin to ultra-thick welding parts.
Ultra-low loss and high-efficiency electronic design, professional industrial-grade manufacturing process ensure that the machine does not get hot when used for a long time.


Power Supply:100~240V(Universal voltage)
Peak Power:21KW
Peak Welding Energy:420J
Voltage Output:5~6V
Peak Current:3500A
Preloading Delay Time:100/200/300/400/500ms
Pulse time:0~20ms(100 grade)

75A Spot Welding Mobile Pen Welding Thickness:

Pure nickel welding to 18650 battery:0.05~0.3mm
Nickel-plated welding to 18650 battery:0.1~0.5mm
Aluminum-nickel composite sheet welding to LFP battery aluminum electrode:0.05~0.15mm




Warranty Information

One Year Limited Warranty


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