GLITTER 801A+ Battery Spot Welder Capacitor Energy Storage Pulse Welding Machine


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801A+ Capacitor Energy-Storage Precision Pulse Spot Welder Spot Welding & Voltage Measurement Dual Feature uper Energy-Gathered Pulse Technology


1.Compared to the traditional AC spot welding machine,the new-designed 801A+ capacitor energy-storage spot welder has no interfere to the electric circuit, no more tripping problems.
2.The 801A+ adopts the latest energy-gathered pulse welding technology, it has a great welding power, the welding spot is nice and elegant,ensuring you a reliable welding effect.
3.The maximum welding power of the machine can be up to 11.6 KW meeting the needs for large-batteries welding.
4.The welding power can be adjusted conveniently via two buttons according to the thickness of welding objects, the LED screen will display the welding parameters.
5.The machine is equipped with two super capacitors which have long working-life and large capacity, ensuring the low power-consumption and high output welding work.
6.The 'AT’automatic welding mode helps you finish the welding work efficiently.
7.Compatible with 7 series mobile welding pen.
8.The compact aluminum alloy shell can effectively dissipate heat.
9.With 0~199V voltage detection function,detect the voltage value of battery quickly.


Production of small battery packs for mobile electronic devices.
Welding of lithium polymer batterycell phone battery and protective circuit board.
Spot welding leaders to different metal projects,such as iron,stainless steel, brass nickel,molybdenum and titanium.


Model: GLITTER 801A+
Voltage Output: 5.8V(DC)
Voltage Input: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
Peak Welding Energy: 58J
Pulse Power: 11.6KW(Peak)
Trigger Mode: AT
AT mode--automatic welding(no foot pedal control, suitable for welding
a large number of batteries for a long time).
Energy Grade :0-99T
Welding Mode Separated-style spot welding pen
Pluse Time: 0~5mS
Preload Delay :200~500mS
Adapter Parameter :15V1.3A(Peak)
First Charging Time :30~40(mins)
Measuring voltage: 0~199V

70A Separated Spot Welding Pen Welding Thickness:

Pure nickel welding to 18650 battery:0.05~0.15mm
Nickel-plated welding to 18650 battery:0.05~0.2mm
With fixed seat butt welding:0.3mm

801A+ with 70A Welding Pen






801A+ with 70B Welding Pen & 73S Welding Arm



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One Year Limited Warranty


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