GLITTER 801A Battery Spot Welder Capacitor Energy Storage Pulse Welding Machine, 11.6 KW Mini Portable Spot Welding Equipment for Cell Phone Battery, 18650 14500 Lithium Battery Pack Building


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Product Overview

Product Features

  • The newly designed Glitter 801A battery spot welder is equipped with two super capacitors for energy storage and power supply for pulse welding. Compared to a traditional AC spot welder, it does not interfere with the electric circuit, which means no more tripping problems. The machine’s super energy-gathered pulse technology combines with a max welding power of 11.6 KW to provide a reliable welding effect.
  • The welder’s small size and light weight make it more portable compared to a bulky traditional spot welder. The aluminum alloy housing also provides a more powerful and reliable machine.
  • Equipped with the 70A separated-style spot welding pen and ‘AT’ automatic welding mode, this machine allows you to work easily and efficiently. The low power consumption technology enables you to use the machine efficiently for 12 hours with no heating problems.
  • The pulse welding power can be seen on the LED screen and set via two adjusting buttons(0-99 range). 0.3mm nickel plated and 0.25mm pure nickel can be easily welded with the 60 J max energy.

801A Tutorial Video


User Manual

Product Parameters

Model 801A Maximum Welding Energy 60 J
Power Adapter Input AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz Pulse Time 0.05-5 ms
Power Adapter Output 15 V 1.3 A Welding Power Adjustment Range 0-99 t (0.05ms/t)
Machine Input DC 15 V 1.3 A Welding Mode AT(automatic welding mode)
Machine Charging Time 20-30 minutes Pulse Delayed Time 20-50 ms
Output Welding Voltage 5-5.8 V Welding Thickness of Nickel 0.05-0.3 mm
Output Welding Current 500-2000 A(pulse) Package Size 8.9x7.5x6.7 inches
Maximum Welding Power 11.6 KW Package Weight 4.4 lbs

Package List

Models Comparing Table

Model 801A 801B 801D 801H 811A
Welding Pen Type 70A 70B&73S 73B&73S 73B & 75A 75A(35mm²)
Maximum Welding voltage 5.8 V 5.8 V 6 V 6 V 6 V
Maximum Welding Current 2000 A 2000 A 2000 A 3500 A 6000 A
Maximum Welding Power 11.6 KW 11.6 KW 12 KW 21 KW 36 KW
Maximum Welding Energy 60 J 119 J 238 J 420 J 720 J
Pulse time 0.05-5 ms 0.1-10 ms 0.2-20 ms 0.2-20 ms 0.2-20 ms
Power Adjustment 0-99 t (0.05ms/t 0-99 t (0.1ms/t) 0-99 t (0.2ms/t) 0-99 t (0.2ms/t) 0-99 t (0.2ms/t)
Capacitor Voltage Display x
Welding Current Display x

Welding Pen Comparing Table

Welding Pen Types 70A Welding Pen 71A Welding Pen 70B Welding Pen 71B Welding Pen 73B Welding Pen 75A Welding Pen 75A-Plus Welding Pen
Style Separated-style Design Integrated-style Design Integrated-style Design Integrated-style Design Integrated-style Design Separated-style Design Separated-style Design
Feature Small Welding pins Small Welding pins Standard Welding Pins Butt Welding Upgraded version of 70B welding pen 25mm² Copper Wire 50mm² Copper Wire
Application Suitable for spot welding of cell phone battery, small hardware objects, circuit board, lead wire, etc. Suitable for spot welding of small hardware objects, circuit board, electronic components, lead wire, etc. Suitable for spot welding of 18650/21700 battery, common hardware objects. etc. Suitable for butt spot welding of polymer pouch battery, specific hardware parts, etc. Suitable for spot welding of 18650/21700 battery, common hardware objects, etc. Suitable for spot welding of common LiFePO4 battery with aluminum terminals, thick hardware objects, etc. Suitable for spot welding of large-capacity LiFePO4 battery with aluminum/copper terminals and thicker connecting sheets, thicker hardware objects, etc.
Replacement Welding Pins 70A Replacement Pins 71A Replacement Pins 70B Replacement Pins 71B Replacement Pins 73B Replacement Pins 75A/75A-Plus Replacement Electrodes


Warranty Information

One Year Limited Warranty


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  • 5
    Glitter 801a

    Posted by Wheelz Scooters on 8th Aug 2022

    Now let me start by saying my review is based on a working unit and unfortunately I initially got a bad unit from the get go so I was definitely a little unsettled when I'm trying a new product out that has no reviews and is brand new to the market and boasts the high specs that this welder does and claims to utilize technology that no other welder that's in it's class has. Well finally after about a week of being frustrated I got a working unit in! This thing is very powerful! I burnt holes into nickel strip that was pure and .25mm which is hard to do and no other brand for this price or any price close to it can put down amazing welds like this unit. I must warn you this unit requires to be charged up since it is a capacitor so it's best to allow at least 20 mins to let it charge up so what I do is I will plug it in first then prepare all my strips and cells and get everything ready and when I'm done it's charged and ready to go. The dual pen with the secondary swappable interface is awesome for doing pouch cells and the pens stay cool to the touch even 400 welds in and I honestly recommend this to anyone. I have had mine for almost 7 months now and it's welded some huge batteries and over 300 packs and it is still like it's brand new (minus the crack in display from my idiot self dropping the thing) forget sunkko or any of those crappy welders out there this welder is up there with the quality of K-welder. Super easy to use and it's simple setting options make for a awesome buy for $160. I can't wait to try out the other models they have once I can afford to get another welder. Check out my video review of this welder on YouTube just look up glitter spot welder by Wheelz Scooters Inc. and you can see how easy it is to get started welding today!!!