GLITTER 811H Battery Spot Welder Capacitor Energy Storage Pulse Welding Machine


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Features Overview

1、High-frequency inverter super energy storage capacitor discharge technology eliminates interference to AC power supply, and avoid switch tripping situation.
2、The China’s patented energy storage control and low-loss metal bus technology maximizes the burst energy output.
3、The energy-concentrated pulse formation technology controlled by the microcomputer chip operation ensures the formation of reliable solder joints in milliseconds.
4、Intelligent program combined with multi-function parameter display screen, the management of welding is clear at a glance, with high proficiency.
5. Up to 7000A pulse welding current.Supports welding of 0.4mm copper sheets.
6. Super energy-gathered pulse welding,solder joint concentrated and slender,deep penetration of melt pool,the soldered dot no blackening,no generate heat,no damage to the battery.
7. Dual-mode spot welding to achieve precise,fast and efficient welding, which is convenient for welding different weldments.

8. The unique real-time display of welding pulse current can monitor each welding current and avoid false welding of solder joints.
9. Supports optional removable professional welding pens with different functions and performances to realize welding work from ultra-thin to ultra-thick weldments.
10. Ultra-low loss, high-efficiency performance design, professional industrial-grade manufacturing process, to ensure the machine for a long time use without getting hot.
11. Ability to measure milliohm resistance(Unable to measure electrify objects,for example all batteries.).
12. Ensure consistency in the resistance of the solder joints of each battery pack metal connector by the digital milliohm meter.
13. The digital milliohm meter avoids false welding of solder joints and welding with high contact resistance.


Model : GLITTER 811H
Voltage Output :5.6~6V(Peak )
Voltage Input :AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
Peak Welding Energy :720/840J
Pulse Power: 36KW/42KW(Max.)
Trigger Mode :AT/MT
Welding Mode :75A split spot welding pen
AT mode--automatic welding(no foot pedal control, suitable for welding
a large number of batteries for a long time).
MT mode--control with foot pedal(Convenient for parameter adjustment
and welding debugging to achieve the best spot welding effect).

Energy Grade: 0-99T
Pluse Time: 0~20mS
Charging Current: 10~20A(Peak)
Charging Time :18(mins)



Warranty Information

One Year Limited Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review