GLITTER 811A Battery Spot Welder Capacitor Energy Storage Pulse Welding Machine


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Product Overview

User Manual

811A Machine Tutorial Video

GLITTER 811A Industrial intelligent spot welder, specially designed for welding copper, aluminum and nickel conversion

811A Welding Reference Table

36KW power, peak welding current up to 6000A
0.3MM (copper, pure nickel, nickel-aluminum and other metals) can be welded easily and firmly

Features Overview

1. High-frequency inverter super energy storage capacitor discharge technology eliminates interference to AC power supply, and avoid switch tripping situation.
2. The China’s patented energy storage control and low-loss metal bus technology maximizes the burst energy output.
3.The energy-concentrated pulse formation technology controlled by the microcomputer chip operation ensures the formation of reliable solder joints in milliseconds.
4. Intelligent program combined with multi-function parameter display screen, the management of welding is clear at a glance, with high proficiency.
5. With up to 36KW output power , which can meet the needs of power battery welding.
6. With an intelligent display control panel, the output level can be flexibly adjusted according to the thickness of different weldments.
7. The up to 6000A pulse welding current can weld 0.3mm pure copper sheet to the copper electrode (with flux).
8. Dual-mode spot welding to achieve precise,fast and efficient welding, which is convenient for welding different weldments.
9. The first dual welding tool mode combination is convenient for users weld a wide range of workpieces flexibly, such as batteries and metal parts.
10. The unique real-time display of welding pulse current can monitor each welding current and avoid false welding of solder joints.
11. Supports optional removable professional welding pens with different functions and performances to realize welding work from ultra-thin to ultra-thick weldments.
12. Ultra-low loss, high-efficiency performance design, professional industrial-grade manufacturing process, to ensure the machine for a long time use without getting hot.

Widely Application

1. Widely used for welding of large single battery pack and other materials:
2. Repair and rapid welding of lithium iron phosphate battery packs or ternary lithium battery packs used in electric vehicles , unmanned aircraft , power tools, electric appliances, robots and other equipment.
3. Rapid welding of copper/aluminum poles for various power large single cells.
4.Welding of battery connection sheets (nickel-plated/pure nickel/pure copper/nickel-plated copper sheet ), hardware parts, wires, etc.
5. Rapid welding of stainless steel, iron sheet , brass , titanium, molybdenum and other materials.
6. This manual only introduces the welding of lithium batteries . Please contact our company for other aspects of metal welding.

75A Spot Welding Mobile Pen Thickness:

1. Pure copper sheet welding to copper electrode:0.05~0.3mm(with flux).
2. Pure copper sheet welding to stainless steel:0.05~0.4mm
3. Aluminum-nickel composite sheet welding to LFP battery aluminum electrode:0.05~0.3mm
4. Pure nickel welding to LFP battery aluminum electrode:0.1~0.2mm







Warranty Information

One Year Warranty


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